Toshiba VRF Selection Software 

программа автоматизированного подбора мультизональной системы кондиционирования SMMS Toshiba’s commitment to the development of technological and innovative products with improved performances is complemented by a responsibility to supply more sophisticated and functional tools for the design, installation and control of these systems.

How can I get Toshiba SMMS Selection Software?

This software is distributed to authorized Toshiba partners only. To get the VRF selection software please contact us indicating your company's name and contact data.

Toshiba Selection Software: everything at the click of a button

Sophisticated system design software has been developed for the whole Mini-SMMS, SMMS-i and SHRM range and is a useful and irreplaceable support tool for engineers, architects, installers and, in general, for anyone who wants to apply innovative Toshiba solutions.

With this software, the user can create a complete VRF system by simply clicking on the icons for the indoor units and the other connection components. It is also possible to define, in advance, relevant parameters such as outside and inside temperatures, fan speed, pipe system length and routing etc. The software automatically manages all the parameters entered, and the actual system capacity for the conditions required can be quickly calculated and simulated during the design stage.

Using this software, the design of VRF systems is guaranteed for the project at the given conditions. The software constantly monitors possible design errors and warns the user, when it reaches the system limits.

Toshiba VRF Selection Software
  • Graphical representation of the required pipe connection system and pipe sizing.
  • Specific details and data of the system selected: heating capacity, sensible and total cooling capacity, actual cooling capacity, additional refrigerant charge and pricing indications.
  • Multiple system management as a single project.
  • Export function to transfer the project report using standard Microsoft® Word® and Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF). The images can also be exported to an AutoCAD® (DXF) file.
  • Automatic regeneration when adding or amending an existing project selection.
  • Indoor unit fan speed indication (high/ medium/low) on the system report.